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Tunisian Crochet Hooks

Tunisian crochet hooks are elongated with a stopper on the handle end and are often called Afghan Crochet hooks or Tricot Crochet hooks and are used in a hybrid of knitting and crocheting which produces a strong, neat and even pattern.

Tunisian crochet involves working the entire row of stitches onto the hook and then working them all off the hook again on the next row.  The work is never turned and is very similar to knitting in that the loops are worked off the hook.

They are often used to make large flat pieces such as afghans and have a plastic cable attached to the end is called a flexible crochet hook.

Available in all the regular crochet hook materials including, steel, aluminum and wood and bamboo which are strong, lightweight, and durable.

If unsure of the best suited length for the hook for a pattern always choose a hook that is longer that the width of your project.

Boye and Susan Bates manufacturer Tunisian hooks.  MoEZ hooks, made by Monte Grimm are dipped and color coded for the size of the hook and are size L and up.  Easy Tunisian hooks were introduced by Carolyn Christmas in the late 90’s in the larger sizes as well.